Occupational Accident is insurance coverage that provides disability, medical and
death benefits to individuals involved in an accident while performing a contract
delivery obtained on the ROVA, LLC platform.

Although you are not required to purchase this coverage through the ROVA, LLC
platform, your agreement with ROVA, LLC requires that you provide evidence of
Workers’ Compensation coverage or an approved Occupational Accident policy.
This Occupational Accident policy administered by Gallagher Transportation Group
Services is approved by ROVA, LLC.

It is important to note that Occupational Accident Insurance is not Worker’s
Compensation Insurance. You are an independent contractor, not an employee, of
ROVA, LLC and therefore not eligible for Workers’ Compensation coverage. If you
want Workers’ Compensation coverage for yourself then you will need to purchase
your own Workers’ Compensation coverage from an outside third party vendor.

This Occupational Accident policy is not medical or health insurance. The
Occupational Accident policy pays disability, medical and death benefits for injuries
sustained in an accident while driving for contracts obtained on the ROVA, LLC
platform. Benefits are paid per the schedule of benefits provided, subject to the full
policy terms, conditions and exclusions. A full copy of the Schedule of Benefits
and Description of Coverage will be available to you once your enrollment for the
Occupational Accident program has been processed.

For any questions regarding coverage or a claim, please contact Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services at Annette_Mathena@ajg.com or 800-455-6959