As a driver on the ROVA Platform you are building your own delivery business. This means the customers on the platform are your customers.

Here are the guidelines for your success on the platform:

Be Professional & Friendly

Being professional and friendly goes a long way. Both Customers and Drivers are busy! This approach can have the power to change someone's day and spread joy. Having an understanding that customers may need to adjust the pick up time or location, and in some cases cancel deliveries, helps you stay focused on keeping your customers satisfied.

Communication between drivers and customers is key to a successful customer relationship.

Be Proactive

Customers will appreciate the heads up if any issues arise. If you’re experiencing issues with a delivery, such as traffic causing a delay or you can’t find the location, don’t hesitate to call the customer contact at pick up or drop off via the Call Button in the Drive App.

If you can’t get in touch with the customer or can’t resolve, contact the ROVA team in the ROVA Driver App ->  Profile Screen -> Help

Stay Safe to Grow Your Business

Drivers must obey traffic and driving laws, including keeping to the speed limit, avoiding texting and driving, and never driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Stay safe out there so you can continue to grow your business on the ROVA Platform!

Reasons for account deactivation or removal from the platform

In order to ensure the platform’s success, we established driver expectations based on these guidelines. Customer reports of bad behavior could result in removal from the ROVA Platform.