In order to use the ROVA platform, your vehicle must have the coverages mandated by your state.

In addition, the vast majority of companies entering and sending opportunities through the ROVA Platform have requirements for any drivers coming onto their property.

A)Either Workers’ Compensation coverage or an approved Occupational Accident policy.

B) The correct auto liability insurance coverage (INSEL)

In order to save drivers the cost of upfront expenses, drivers using the ROVA App have the option of obtaining the much needed coverages on a pay as you go plan(mileage based) with one of the largest Transportation Insurers in the world. These coverages will provide the needed Occupational Accident coverage and INSEL coverage for pennies per mile(while fulfilling an opportunity you accepted through the ROVA app).

You are free to obtain the coverages from whomever you choose. If you already have the coverage that’s excellent, no need to obtain it again. Please go to the Insurance section of the app in your profile and send in the documents mentioned.